Pixee AI: Features, Benefits and Review


Introducing Pixeebot, your automated product security engineer that streamlines the task of safeguarding your code against vulnerabilities. Pixeebot not only identifies issues but proactively fixes them, allowing developers to focus on creating rather than patching. It integrates seamlessly into your development workflow, providing immediate, high-quality code fixes as you go.


Pixeebot boasts an array of features designed to enhance your code’s security and quality:

  1. Pixee CLI: Integrate Pixee’s Codemodder framework into your local development environment.
  2. Automatic Fixes: Pixeebot monitors repositories and pull requests, instantly providing fixes for vulnerabilities.
  3. Workflow Compatibility: It operates within your existing workflow, rewriting code without disrupting productivity.
  4. Security and Beyond: Not limited to security, it also offers performance and quality improvements.
  5. Custom Codemods: Utilize the open source Codemodder framework to create and deploy your own codemods.
  6. Integration with GitHub: For a fuller experience, integrate Pixeebot with GitHub or start locally via CLI.

How It Works

Pixeebot integrates with your development process in the following ways:

  1. Continuous Monitoring: As engineers work, Pixeebot oversees the code, suggesting fixes in real-time.
  2. Automated Pull Requests: It converts code scan results into actionable pull requests ready for merging.
  3. IDE Integration: Pixeebot acts like a team member, applying its intelligence directly within your Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  4. Codemod Framework: Build custom codemods using the open source framework for tailored code improvements.


The adoption of Pixeebot brings several compelling benefits:

  1. Increased Productivity: Developers can focus on creating features instead of fixing bugs.
  2. Enhanced Code Quality: Automatically improves code performance, security, and quality.
  3. Reduced Backlog: Security tickets are addressed promptly, freeing up engineering resources.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Code is continually hardened against vulnerabilities and bugs.


Pixeebot provides a valuable service “All for free”, signaling a commitment to accessibility and developer support. However, users are encouraged to try the platform for additional details on any premium features or services that may be available.


Pixeebot is praised for its proactive approach to code security, with endorsements from industry leaders highlighting its effectiveness. It is recognized for transforming the way developers address security concerns, embedding remediation within the development cycle and offering detailed recommendations that enhance understanding and compliance.


Pixeebot represents a transformative tool in the realm of code security, providing developers with an automated ally that not only detects but fixes security issues. Its integration with existing workflows, coupled with the ability to create custom codemods, positions Pixeebot as a valuable asset for any development team looking to maintain high standards of code quality and security.


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