LanguageGUI: Features, Benefits and Review


LanguageGUI, crafted by Tonki Labs, is an innovative open-source design system and UI Kit tailored for Language Learning Models (LLMs). It empowers developers to enhance text outputs from LLMs by converting them into more interactive and visually appealing graphical user interfaces. This UI Kit is especially valuable for creating rich conversational AI interfaces.


The features of LanguageGUI are comprehensive and designed to cater to various needs for conversational UIs:

  1. Over 100 UI Components & Customizable Screens: A vast array of components to choose from.
  2. 10+ Conversational UI Widgets: Specifically designed widgets to improve user interactions.
  3. 20+ Chat Bubbles: Diverse styles for chat bubbles to suit different conversational tones.
  4. 30+ Pre-built Screens: Jumpstart the design process with pre-made layouts.
  5. 5+ Chat Sidebars: Sidebars with customizable settings for enhanced usability.
  6. Multi-prompt Workflow Screen Designs: Facilitates complex conversational flows.
  7. 8+ Prompt Boxes: Varied prompt designs for user engagement.
  8. Dark Mode: In-built dark mode for a different aesthetic and user preference.
  9. Figma Auto Layout: Designed using Figma Auto Layout for ease of editing and customization.
  10. Variables and Styles: Flexibility in design with Figma variables and styles.

How It Works

LanguageGUI can be easily integrated into your LLM projects by following these steps:

  1. Clone LanguageGUI: Get the UI Kit from Figma to begin the customization process.
  2. Customization: Utilize Figma to tailor the components and screens to your specific project needs.
  3. Integration: Incorporate the customized designs into your LLM applications to enhance the user interface.


The benefits of using LanguageGUI include:

  1. Rich User Experience: Elevate the LLM interaction with visually appealing interfaces.
  2. Design Efficiency: Save time with ready-to-use components and pre-built screens.
  3. Customizability: Fully customizable elements to match your brand and style.
  4. Open Source: Free to use under the MIT License for both personal and commercial projects.
  5. Community Support: Be part of a growing community with potential future developments based on interest.


LanguageGUI is completely free. There are no hidden costs, upsells, or tricks, making it accessible for everyone to use in both personal and commercial projects.


LanguageGUI is a novel design system that brings a fresh perspective to conversational AI interfaces. As it is the first in a series of twelve open-source AI initiatives by Tonki Labs throughout 2024, it sets a promising precedent for future tools and resources for the AI and developer communities.


LanguageGUI by Tonki Labs is a must-have for developers looking to create more engaging and professional interfaces for LLM applications. With its extensive and customizable design components, it simplifies the process of enhancing conversational AI and is freely available for a wide range of projects.


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