Hiree365: Features, Benefits and Review


Welcome to the future of campus recruitment – Hiree365, the ultimate student employability platform designed to improve graduate outcomes across the board. This innovative platform unites universities, students, employers, and governments with a single objective: to secure the right job for every learner. With a presence in over 130 countries and trusted by more than 6000 educational institutions, Hiree365 streamlines the recruitment process with a 360° approach to graduate employment.


Hiree365 offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the needs of its diverse users:

  • For Universities & Colleges:
    1. Manage campus recruitments.
    2. Welcome employers to evaluate graduating students’ profiles.
    3. Use AI to locate job openings for learners.
  • For Employers:
    1. Attract better candidates.
    2. Make smart hiring decisions.
    3. Engage directly with top educational institutions.
  • For Government:
    1. Support work-integrated learning opportunities.
    2. Improve graduate outcomes with placements and internships.
  • For Students:
    1. Use AI to find jobs related to university courses.
    2. Kickstart careers and gain practical experience.

How It Works

Hiree365 simplifies the campus recruitment process by integrating several functionalities:

  1. AI-Powered Job Matching: Students and graduates are matched with jobs that relate to their courses and skills.
  2. Employer Connectivity: Employers can easily create profiles and connect with hundreds of universities and colleges.
  3. Career Progression Tools: Students have access to resources that help them plan and execute their career progression.
  4. Full Integration: Seamless integration with Classe365 student information system for comprehensive recruitment management.


Key benefits of using Hiree365 include:

  1. Increased Employability: Universities can enhance student employment chances by 80%.
  2. Boosted Institution Credibility: Colleges have seen a 95% improvement in reputation by assisting students in securing employment.
  3. Efficient Recruitment: Employers find graduates and interns twice as fast with AI-powered screening technology.
  4. Comprehensive Tracking: Ability to track graduate hiring from start to finish.


Hiree365 encourages potential users to try the platform for free, indicating a user-friendly approach to pricing. However, for detailed pricing structures, users may need to contact the platform directly or book a demo to discuss tailored solutions.


Hiree365 stands out as a specialized platform that addresses the unique needs of campus recruitment, offering a robust set of tools powered by AI. It is particularly noteworthy for its emphasis on enhancing student employability and providing employers with efficient hiring processes. Its widespread adoption and positive impact on institutional credibility make it a compelling choice in the campus recruitment space.


Hiree365 represents a significant advancement in bridging the gap between education and employment. With its AI-driven approach and commitment to improving graduate outcomes, it has established itself as an essential platform for universities, colleges, employers, and governments alike. Whether you’re a student ready to embark on a career journey or an employer in search of top talent, Hiree365 has the tools and resources to facilitate a successful and dynamic recruitment experience.


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