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In the competitive automotive industry, dealerships are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage with potential customers and increase sales. KeysAI offers a transformative solution with its AI Sales Associate designed to convert web traffic into dealership traffic efficiently, operating around the clock to serve prospective buyers.


KeysAI comes packed with features that set it apart as a powerful tool for dealerships:

  1. Trained Sales Expert: The AI is equipped with advanced automotive sales techniques to engage customers effectively.
  2. Knowledge Center: It possesses extensive knowledge about the dealership’s inventory and customer profiles.
  3. 24/7 Assistance: Unlike a Business Development Center (BDC), KeysAI operates non-stop, providing constant support to customers.

How It Works

KeysAI simplifies the process of engaging with potential customers:

  • Prospective buyers interact with the AI Sales Associate on the dealership’s website.
  • The AI utilizes its sales expertise and knowledge of the dealership to answer inquiries and guide customers.
  • It operates continuously to capture leads and direct web traffic to the dealership, enhancing customer engagement.


Dealerships can expect several tangible benefits from implementing KeysAI:

  1. Cost Savings: The AI can handle multiple interactions simultaneously, saving on the cost of staffing a BDC.
  2. Increased Conversions: By engaging web visitors effectively, KeysAI boosts the conversion of online traffic into physical dealership visits.
  3. Enhanced ROI: KeysAI aims to generate more leads at lower costs compared to traditional chat solutions, thereby increasing the dealership’s return on investment.


KeysAI offers a straightforward pricing model:

  • Monthly Subscription: The service is available at $999 per month under an annual contract, followed by a month-to-month agreement.

Demo Drive

Interested dealerships are invited to take a “Demo Drive” of KeysAI to experience firsthand how the AI Sales Associate can benefit their business. The process is as simple as clicking on the “Take a Demo Drive” button on the website to get started.


KeysAI offers an innovative solution for automotive dealerships to enhance their sales process, optimize customer engagement, and improve their bottom line. With its AI-driven chat for dealerships, the platform is well-positioned to revolutionize the way dealers interact with their potential customers.


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