Instadesk: Features, Benefits and Review


Instadesk is a state-of-the-art, AI-powered customer contact platform, designed to streamline communication and drive innovative growth for enterprises. With a suite of products including Cloud Contact Center, Customer Service Bot, Live Chat, Intelligent Ticket, Intelligent Quality Control, and Interactive AI, Instadesk offers full-cycle customer contact solutions to enhance digital transformation in customer service, marketing, and internal services.


  • Cloud Contact Center: Provides enterprises with stable and reliable contact capabilities for telemarketing and customer service.
  • Customer Service Bot: A 24/7 AI assistant delivering efficient and consistent customer service.
  • Live Chat: Offers an all-round customer connection through a one-stop intelligent workbench.
  • Intelligent Ticket: Enhances cross-departmental collaboration and service quality with flexibility and intelligence.
  • Intelligent Quality Control: Ensures high standards through AI-driven oversight.
  • Interactive AI: Supports sophisticated interactions between AI and human agents to improve customer acquisition and conversion.

How It Works

  1. Pre-sales Consultation: AI and human collaboration facilitate customer inquiries and conversions.
  2. Customer Service Center: 24/7 bots handle various scenarios, seamlessly transferring complex issues to human agents.
  3. Enterprise Internal Services: AI-driven internal service systems boost departmental coordination and productivity.


  • Improved Customer Service Efficiency: Streamlined processes for handling customer interactions.
  • Enhanced Customer Profiles: AI tools create comprehensive customer profiles for better service delivery.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: Advanced AI technology simulates human interactions, improving engagement and sales.
  • 24-Hour Online Accessibility: Round-the-clock service with AI customer service bots and voice bots.
  • Full-Cycle Management: From pre-sale to after-sale, Instadesk covers all customer service bases.


Instadesk offers a 14-day free trial for enterprises to experience the services. For detailed pricing information, interested parties are encouraged to contact [email protected].


Instadesk is highly recognized and has obtained numerous qualifications and certificates, including CMMI Level 5 and ISO27001. It is favored by industry-leading customers such as SAIC Motor, B&T Home, Shanghai Trust, Keyence, and Luckin Coffee, which speaks volumes about its credibility and the value it brings to businesses.


With its comprehensive solutions and cutting-edge AI technology, Instadesk empowers enterprises to provide exceptional customer service and drive digital growth. Whether it’s through enhancing customer engagement, streamlining internal services, or leveraging intelligent quality control, Instadesk is the go-to platform for any business looking to upgrade its customer contact system.


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