Feedby: Features, Benefits and Review


Welcome to Feedby, the innovative tool designed to transform your YouTube comment section into a powerful source of user feedback. With the overwhelming number of comments creators receive, it’s challenging to sift through and find those valuable insights. Feedby’s AI technology simplifies this by filtering out the noise, delivering meaningful feedback, questions, and bug reports directly to your inbox.


  • AI-Powered Filtering: Sort through thousands of comments to identify the most valuable user insights.
  • Feedback Collection: Automatically receive feature requests, bug reports, and user questions.
  • Email Integration: Have organized feedback sent straight to your inbox for easy review.
  • YouTube Compatibility: Tailored specifically to enhance YouTube content creators’ experience.

How It Works

  1. Integrate with YouTube: Connect Feedby to your YouTube account.
  2. AI Filtration: The AI scans your comment section for relevant feedback.
  3. Inbox Delivery: Reports and insights are neatly organized and sent to you.
  4. Actionable Insights: Use the information to improve your content and engagement.


  • Time-Saving: No more manual sorting; the AI does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Enhanced Insight: Focus on comments that provide genuine feedback and improve your content strategy.
  • User Engagement: Show your audience that their opinions matter by acting on their suggestions.
  • Content Improvement: Utilize user feedback to create more targeted and successful content.


Feedby offers a straightforward pricing plan:

  • $1 per 1,000 comments: A cost-effective solution for processing large volumes of user feedback.


Users have praised Feedby for turning their comment sections into insightful feedback mechanisms. The tool has been featured on platforms that highlight its effectiveness in enhancing Node compatibility in Deno and Supabase.


Feedby stands out as an essential tool for any YouTube content creator looking to engage with their audience more effectively. By automating the feedback filtration process, Feedby ensures that you can focus on creating content that resonates with your viewers while building a product that people truly want.


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