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ImagineMe is an innovative AI art generator that enables users to create personalized artwork of themselves using simple text descriptions. This platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to bring your creative visions to life, allowing you to reimagine yourself in countless scenarios. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to explore the bounds of digital art or someone searching for a unique profile picture, ImagineMe offers a user-friendly and magical experience.


  • Personal AI Models: A private AI model is trained for each user, ensuring personalized and accurate image generation.
  • Simple Text Prompts: Users can generate images by typing in descriptive text prompts.
  • Varied Use Cases: From photorealistic portraits to fantasy art, the platform supports a wide variety of art styles and scenarios.
  • Showcase for Inspiration: A gallery of images is available to provide inspiration for your own creations.
  • Customer Testimonials: Feedback from satisfied users who have explored the platform’s capabilities.

How It Works

  1. Model Training: Upload 10-20 varied pictures of yourself in good quality to train your private AI model.
  2. Training Time: The model training process can take up to 5 hours, though it is often completed faster.
  3. Generation Process: After training, enter a text prompt to generate images, which takes about 10 seconds after the initial cold start.


  • Customization: Create highly personalized images that reflect your identity in various artistic scenarios.
  • Affordability: Access to art generation is priced competitively, making it accessible to a broader audience.
  • Speed: Quick generation time ensures a seamless creative process.
  • Safe and Private: Training a private model for each user enhances privacy and security of personal data.
  • Ease of Use: Straightforward steps from signup to image generation make it user-friendly.


  • 10 Credits Package: $5 for 10 credits, at $0.50 per credit, allowing 4 images per credit.
  • 25 Credits Package: $10 for 25 credits, at $0.40 per credit, allowing 4 images per credit.
  • 45 Credits Package (Best Value): $15 for 45 credits, at $0.33 per credit, allowing 4 images per credit.


Customers have praised ImagineMe for its stunning image quality and the fun experience it provides. Users have successfully used the generated artwork for professional platforms like LinkedIn, as well as for personal enjoyment and gift-giving. The platform’s versatility in styles, from classical art to modern cosplay, receives particular commendation.


ImagineMe stands out as a unique and accessible tool for personal AI-generated art. The combination of privacy, ease of use, and affordability makes it an appealing choice for anyone looking to explore the intersection of art and technology. Whether for professional use or personal exploration, ImagineMe provides an avenue for creative expression that is both innovative and enjoyable.


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