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In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Aigur emerges as a groundbreaking platform that streamlines the process of building, collaborating, deploying, and managing Generative AI applications. Designed with teams in mind, Aigur’s NoCode editor and suite of tools empower users to create sophisticated AI workflows without the need for complex coding or extensive technical expertise.


  • NoCode Editor: A user-friendly interface allows for easy creation of AI flows with a simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Predefined Templates: Start prototyping immediately with a variety of ready-to-use templates.
  • Collaboration Tools: Work alongside colleagues within the NoCode Editor, utilizing Figma-like collaboration features.
  • Mini-app Generation: Automatically create mini-apps for sharing AI flows and gathering feedback.
  • API Integration: Seamlessly integrate flows into web or mobile applications with a straightforward API call.
  • Monitoring Tools: Keep track of your AI flows’ performance, cost, and availability through comprehensive monitoring tools.
  • Management Options: Control the health of your AI flows by managing access and regional availability.
  • Version Control: Fine-tune and deploy new versions of your flow without downtime, with the ability to rollback if necessary.

How It Works

  1. Create: Begin by using the NoCode editor to drag and drop AI blocks and set up their interactions to form a Generative AI flow.
  2. Collaborate: Invite colleagues to join the editing process and build flows together in real-time.
  3. Gather Feedback: Share mini-apps that execute your flow with team members or customers to receive valuable insights.
  4. Integrate: Incorporate the flow into existing applications with a simple API call.
  5. Monitor: Utilize the monitoring tools to analyze the executions and maintain the efficiency of your flows.
  6. Manage: Implement management features to ensure the proper functioning and security of your flows.
  7. Fine Tune: Make adjustments to your flow and deploy updates instantly, with the option to revert to previous versions if needed.


  • Ease of Use: The NoCode editor simplifies the process of creating AI applications, making it accessible to non-developers.
  • Time Efficiency: Rapid prototyping accelerates the development cycle, leading to quicker deployment.
  • Collaborative Environment: Enhance team productivity with real-time collaboration and feedback mechanisms.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate AI functionalities into existing platforms without complex coding.
  • Operational Insight: Gain valuable insights into your AI flows with detailed monitoring.
  • Control and Security: Maintain control over your AI applications with comprehensive management tools.
  • Continuous Improvement: Quickly implement and test changes, ensuring your AI flows remain cutting-edge.


Aigur offers a “Start for Free” option with no credit card required, making it an excellent choice for teams looking to explore the platform’s capabilities. For detailed pricing information on additional features and services, users are encouraged to visit the Aigur website or contact their support team.


Aigur’s robust set of features, combined with its user-friendly NoCode editor, makes it an attractive option for teams looking to delve into Generative AI without the steep learning curve. The platform’s focus on collaboration and feedback helps streamline the development process, allowing for rapid iteration and deployment. Although pricing details are not explicitly mentioned, the free start option provides ample opportunity for teams to assess the platform’s fit for their needs.


Aigur stands out as an innovative tool in the realm of Generative AI, catering to the needs of teams seeking to create, deploy, and manage AI applications efficiently. Its blend of ease of use, collaborative features, and robust management tools positions Aigur as a valuable asset for businesses aiming to leverage AI without extensive technical resources.


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