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Welcome to the innovative world of Photoshot’s AI avatar generator. This cutting-edge platform offers a unique opportunity for individuals to create avatars that resonate with their personal style. With Photoshot, generating a custom AI avatar is a simple, engaging process that begins with uploading selfies and ends with a creation that truly represents you.


  • Custom AI Model: Get a studio built around your uploaded photos for personalized avatar generation.
  • High Resolution: Enjoy the clarity of 4K generation for your custom avatars.
  • AI Prompt Assists: Benefit from 30 AI prompt assists to fine-tune your avatar to perfection.
  • Creative Control: Craft your own prompts to guide the AI in generating your ideal avatar.

How it Works

Creating your custom AI avatar with Photoshot is as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Upload: Start by uploading several selfies from different angles to capture your likeness accurately.
  2. Wait: Take a short break while Photoshot’s AI builds a studio model based on your photos.
  3. Prompt: Use your creativity to craft the perfect AI prompt and direct the creation of your avatar.


  • Personalization: Generate avatars that truly reflect your individuality.
  • Quality: High-resolution avatars ensure a premium visual experience.
  • Ease of Use: Simple process from photo upload to final avatar creation.
  • Innovation: Utilize the latest in AI technology for a unique avatar creation experience.


Photoshot offers a straightforward pricing plan for its custom AI avatar generator:

  • 1 Studio + 100 shots: $12 per studio
    • One studio with a custom-trained model
    • 100 avatars
    • 4K generation
    • 30 AI prompt assists
    • Ability to craft your own prompts
    • Contribution to sponsorship development


While Photoshot does not provide public reviews on their website, the service is designed to meet the needs of those looking for a personalized and high-quality avatar creation experience. The clear pricing and outlined features suggest that customers can expect transparency and quality service.


Photoshot’s custom AI avatar generator is a prime choice for anyone looking to bring their digital persona to life with high-resolution and personalized avatars. The platform’s blend of AI technology and user input creates a seamless and enjoyable avatar creation experience. Whether for personal enjoyment or professional branding, Photoshot offers an accessible and high-quality solution.


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