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At, creativity meets innovation with a platform designed to generate custom AI avatars based on your own selfies. With an emphasis on personalization and user experience, offers a seamless process for creating unique avatars that reflect your identity or that of someone else in various styles and high quality.


  • Custom AI Avatars: Personalize your digital presence with avatars created by AI.
  • Diverse Styles: Choose from a range of styles to match your creative vision.
  • User-Friendly Process: Simple three-step process to get your custom avatar.
  • App Integration: Access more features and enjoy a faster experience with the mobile app.

How it Works

  1. Upload Selfies: Provide multiple selfies with different angles to capture your likeness.
  2. Wait: Enjoy a coffee break while constructs your personal studio.
  3. Prompt Creation: Use your creativity to concoct the ideal prompt for your avatar.


  • Ease of Use: The straightforward process makes avatar creation accessible to everyone.
  • Customization: Tailor your avatar to your imagination with crafted prompts.
  • App Advantages: The app offers free token prizes, push notifications, and dreamy styles.


  • Free Set:
    • 25 avatar generations
    • 6 unique styles
    • Minimum 2 hours waiting time
    • Advertisements
    • Watermarked images
    • Try for free
  • Premium Set:
    • $1.99 per set
    • 100 HQ avatar generations
    • 30 unique styles
    • Immediate start
    • No ads
    • No watermarks


With an impressive rating of 4.71 out of 5 stars from 278 ratings, has established itself as a reputable platform for AI avatar generation. The service is celebrated for its ease of use, diverse style options, and high-quality output.

Conclusion offers a streamlined and enjoyable way to create custom AI avatars, whether for personal or professional use. With options for both free and premium sets, users can experience the joy of seeing their prompts come to life in unique and artistic avatars.


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