This model does not exist: Features, Benefits and Review


“This Model Does Not Exist” is an innovative platform that blends the realm of artificial intelligence with social media influence. It’s an online project that creates a virtual model through AI, offering a unique twist on digital content creation. The website invites users to participate in an interactive experience by selecting and upvoting AI-generated images, which are then used for the model’s Instagram feed.

Features of “This Model Does Not Exist”

  • AI-Generated Imagery: The platform uses AI to create realistic images of a model who does not exist in real life.
  • Frequent Content Updates: New AI-generated images are available every 15 minutes, ensuring fresh content.
  • User Participation: Visitors can upvote their favorite images, impacting the selection of the photo of the day.
  • Social Media Integration: The top-voted image is shared on the model’s Instagram account, creating a crossover between the website and social media.
  • Creative Experimentation: The project is a creative experiment by Danny Postma, exploring the capabilities and impact of AI in content creation.

How It Works

  1. Image Generation: AI algorithms generate new images of the virtual model at regular intervals.
  2. User Engagement: Site visitors view the gallery of images and upvote the ones they like the most.
  3. Photo Selection: The image with the most votes is chosen as the “photo of the day” to be featured on Instagram.

Benefits of “This Model Does Not Exist”

  • Innovative Engagement: It provides a new way for people to interact with AI-generated content.
  • Social Experiment: The platform serves as a social experiment in digital influence and community-driven content.
  • Creative Outlet: It offers a creative outlet for users to engage with and influence digital art.
  • Exploration of AI: The platform is an example of how AI can be used creatively in fields like photography and modeling.

Review of “This Model Does Not Exist”

The website has sparked interest and curiosity among users who are fascinated by the capabilities of AI in generating realistic human images. It provides an interactive platform that not only demonstrates the power of AI but also involves the community in the curation process. The ease of use and the concept’s novelty are often highlighted in user feedback.


“This Model Does Not Exist” is a testament to the evolving relationship between AI, art, and social media. By allowing AI to take the creative lead and the community to guide its direction, the website stands as an intriguing exploration of artificial intelligence’s role in the future of digital content creation and online interaction.


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