Affable: Features, Benefits and Review


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Bazaarvoice stands out as an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way brands engage with influencers. This AI-driven influencer marketing solution is designed to help brands discover, manage, and measure the impact of their collaborations with content creators. As influencer marketing becomes an indispensable part of a brand’s strategy, offers the tools needed to identify the right influencers and maximize the effectiveness of these partnerships.


  • Discover Creators: Utilize Generative AI and advanced filters to find influencers with genuine impact and relevance.
  • Manage Collaborations: Streamline campaign management, enabling engagement with a wide range of creators with a single click.
  • Track Campaigns: Automate the monitoring of influencer campaigns to save time and effort.
  • Measure Performance: Access real-time sales conversion data and custom reporting to evaluate the success of campaigns.

How Affable AI Works

  1. Finding the Right Influencers: Employing over 20 advanced filters and Generative AI, brands can identify creators that align with their marketing strategy.
  2. Campaign Management: The platform allows for seamless collaboration with multiple influencers, managing interactions and content delivery efficiently.
  3. Performance Tracking: provides tools for tracking the progress and reach of influencer campaigns without the need for manual input.
  4. Results Analysis: Brands can measure the direct impact of their influencer campaigns, with insights into engagement rates and campaign ROI.


  • Automated Influencer Management: Save time by automating the search and management of influencer collaborations.
  • Competitive Insights: Monitor competitor influencer trends to stay ahead in the market.
  • Integration with Other Platforms: integrates with communication, e-commerce, and social media applications for a seamless experience.
  • Scalable Product Seeding: Manage influencer gifting and product seeding at scale with ease.
  • Affiliate Program Support: The platform aids in automating affiliate recruitment, tracking, and payment processes.
  • Partnership Services: Bazaarvoice offers services to handle the intricacies of creator partnerships, allowing brands to focus on their core activities.

Review of Affable AI

Marketing Manager Celisse Ng from L’Occitane praises for its insightful analytics on creators, noting the convenience and efficiency of obtaining details such as engagement rates and reach, which aids in content curation.


Bazaarvoice is a comprehensive influencer marketing platform that simplifies the process of finding, managing, and evaluating influencer collaborations. Its AI-driven approach to influencer marketing allows brands to build meaningful partnerships with content creators, ensuring authentic engagement with their target audience. By offering detailed analytics and seamless integration with various business applications, is poised to be an essential tool for brands looking to leverage the power of influencer marketing.


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