This New “Expert Playbook” Makes Him $6M Per Year


Most people with valuable skills don’t make nearly as much money as they could.  

For example, most people who are good at writing emails will settle for $50-$80k per year. 

Meanwhile, Daniel uses his skill of writing cold emails to earn $6 million per year. 

Your skills could be worth millions too… if you follow the right playbook. 

In this article, I’ll share the “Expert Playbook” that Daniel and a handful of other internet entrepreneurs are using to take full advantage of their skills. 

Who is this article for?

This playbook isn’t for everyone. 

If, however, you fall into either of the following 2 categories, reading this article will be your highest ROI activity this week. 

  1. You have a skill: You’re an expert in your field, and you’re looking to level up your income. 
  2. You don’t have a skill yet: You’re not quite an expert, but you want to learn a skill. This playbook will provide you a clear path to maximizing your rewards for learning that skill. 

The “Expert Playbook”: A quick summary

The “Expert Playbook” is relatively new. 

However, it’s so effective that there’s precisely a 0% chance we won’t see more and more internet entrepreneurs use it in the coming years. 

Iman Ghadzi uses this playbook. Russel Brunson uses this playbook. Alex Becker uses this playbook.

Every single one of them is a millionaire as a result of this playbook. It looks like this:

  1. Learn a skill: Learn one in-demand skill. The skills need to be useful across many niches and industries. Get testimonials and evidence that shows you can get results with your skills. 
  2. Drive traffic with content and ads: Create content and make ads that get traffic to your website that sells a low ticket offer (see step 3). 
  3. Low ticket offer: Sell a digital or physical product that only costs between $5-50. 
  4. Course: Create a course that shows people how to learn your skill. 
  5. High ticket offer: Sell a higher ticket package for anything above $500. Some people’s high ticket offers are tens of thousands of dollars. These are usually masterminds, events and coaching services. 
  6. Build software for your customers: Develop a software solution that solves a specific problem in your niche. Promote the software in your content, low ticket product, course and high ticket offer. 

It’s genius. First, you teach everyone how to become successful with your skill. Then, you create a software solution that is an essential part of succeeding with your skill. 

Alex Becker made $110m by selling his software company, Hyros. Where did most of the users come from? His content, ads, products, and courses. 

In the online marketing world, we call this a value ladder. The higher a customer goes up your ladder, the more value you provide to them (and the more money they give you in return). 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of value ladders, DotCom Secrets will change your life. Read it. 

In the WGMI podcast, Daniel revealed how he is using this playbook to make $500k every month. 

How Daniel makes $6M per year with cold emails

Let’s take a look at Daniel’s value ladder.

1. Low ticket offer: Email scripts for $20

Daniel sells his best performing cold email scripts for $20.

When you enter your details to pay, you are asked if you are also interested in buying scripts to handle objections ($39) and recordings of their cales calls ($49). 

When people buy this low ticket offer, they are in Daniel’s ecosystem. 

Now, he has a list of people who are willing to part with their dollars to improve their cold emails… exactly the type of people who might be interested in a course.  


2. Course: Cold Email Mastery for $297

Cold Email Mastery costs $297. It provides 10+ hours of video lessons, live coaching calls, access to a community, and provides access to regular job offers. 

The course is short, and shows people the exact steps they should follow to be successful with cold emails. 

Within the course, Daniel shows students the benefits of 1) using his software and 2) buying his higher ticket offer. 

3. High ticket offer: Coaching for $10,800

Client Asension is a coaching programme that helps users build lead gen systems, conversion systems and sales systems. 

It includes:

  • Training videos
  • 18 coaching calls per week
  • Private channel on Slack
  • Ad hoc advice about content, emails and sales 

The training costs $10,800 for 6 months of coaching. 


4. Build a software: ListKit 

To complete the value ladder, Daniel created a piece of software that is extremely valuable for anyone in the cold email business: ListKit. 

In summary, it helps you find the email addresses of people you want to target. 

Pricing starts at $79 per month, and ListKit is currently generating $125k per month. 

Not too shabby. 

The customer journey (Daniel’s funnel)

To see how effective this playbook is, it helps to consider the customer journey. 

The customer is slowly (but surely) being led down a path that increases their trust in Daniel’s expertise and competence. 

Step 1: See Daniel’s content

Daniel has 130k followers on Twitter and a growing following on YouTube. He creates a lot of valuable content that helps people make more B2B sales. 

His blunt, no-bullshit approach to content really resonates with a lot of people. 

In his content, Daniel promotes his low-ticket offers and success stories from his students. 

Pro tip: Use content to provide value and establish yourself as an authority on your topic.

Step 2: Buy a low ticket product

Attracted to his value and personality, you decide to purchase his cold email scripts. 

As soon as you buy a script for $20, you are directed to a landing page for Daniel’s cold email course.

If you don’t buy the course straight away, you are put onto an automated email campaign. 

The email campaign is a free 7-day email course. In each email, you receive a 10+ minute training video that gives you the building blocks to be successful in the cold email business. 

Through this 7-day campaign, Daniel has developed a stronger relationship with you. He has provided so much value, that you know you can trust him. 

At the end of the 7-day email campaign, Daniel promotes the Cold Email Mastery course. 

Pro tip: Use a low ticker offer to 1) discover who is willing to pay for your expertise; and 2) grow your email list. Provide value in the emails and, every now and then, promote your more expensive products.

Step 3: Take his course

Convinced by Daniel’s expertise, the customer feels confident they will get a good return on their investment. $297 feels like a steal. 


Step 4: Buy the Client Ascension coaching 

After trying out some of the tips and tricks within the course, you learn the potential of cold email. 

After seeing some great results, you 1) are hungry to learn more and receive personalized advice; and 2) have more money to spare. 

You know this stuff works, so you’re more willing to pay $10,800 for 6 months of training. 


Step 5: Use ListKit to get more leads

Within the course and coaching, you learn that one of the most effective ways to find leads is to use ListKit. Daniel’s software. 

This really is the genius part of this whole system.

With software, not only do you make good money each month. You are also building a company that you can sell for millions of dollars. 

Does Daniel use paid ads and cold email himself?

He does indeed, and you best believe he has killer strategies to get more customers through paid ads and cold email. 

Where better to learn these incredible strategies than straight from the horses mouth?

Watch Daniel explain all of his strategies in the WGMI podcast.

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