Productized Services 101: How to Productize Your Services


2. Cheaper than hiring an employee

Problem? Hiring employees can be expensive in the extreme.

Not only is it expensive to recruit a suitable employee, but you need to provide a salary, benefits, office space, equipment and a comprehensive onboarding process. 

The solution? Productized Services are streamlined and optimized to provide a specific type of service at a reasonable price. It is, in almost all instances, cheaper than hiring an employee or traditional agency.  

3. Predictable pricing 

Problem? Most freelancers charge per hour, or on a project by project basis. This makes it impossible for a business to know what the costs will be for that function each month. 

The solution? The Productized Subscription Services model is the same price every single month. There are never any rude surprises waiting for you in the invoice at the end of the month. 

4. Immediate time to value

Let’s say you need to hire a graphic designer to design your logo. 

To hire an employee, you’ll need to review applications, conduct interviews and onboard them. It can take weeks, if not months. 

To hire a freelancer, you’ll need to find them, book a call to discuss the brief, negotiate price, and begin the project. This can also take weeks. 

Problem? The time delay between needing a service and receiving the value from a service provider is too damn long.

The solution? With Productized Services, you know exactly what you are going to get, and how long it’s going to take to get it. The whole business model is optimized to provide a specific outcome quickly. 


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