SpringStudios and Maison Meta form a partnership to accelerate AI in luxury and fashion

Spring Studios, a creative house for style-driven brands specializing in culture, content and experiences, has announced a new partnership with Maison Meta, a generative AI fashion studio and a leader in the AI ​​fashion space.

The partnership will take place across all Spring Studios locations in the US and Europe, cementing the commitment to lead the innovative use of AI in the creative and experiential industries.

Spring and Maison Meta have already collaborated on initiatives such as the much talked about AI Fashion Week 2023, hosted in New York, and are in discussions with several brands about upcoming projects. They will also offer training and events for brands to advance their understanding of AI opportunities in luxury and fashion.

The two agencies already work with some of the biggest names in the luxury and fashion industry. Spring has worked with esteemed brands such as Breitling and Toyota, while Maison Meta has led projects for a number of major brands, from Moncler to Google.

Spring and Maison Meta will jointly host a series of panels and presentations this year under the title SPRING TALKS. These will explore state-of-the-art AI applications across the industry with case studies, demonstrations, exclusive insights from industry experts and discussions on the opportunities unlocked by Ai.

The first of these is scheduled for March 2024 at New York's Spring Place.

The joint venture will also offer workshops and training programs for brands. These will provide practical insights into the application of AI solutions, AI tools and custom solutions.

Giuseppe Stigliano, Global CEO of Spring Studios, said: “After working together with Maison Meta on AI Fashion Week, we realized that for fashion and luxury brands, AI is a tool that can create even more unique experiences and beautiful. With our combined experience in many of the world's most important brands, we know that this partnership will expand what is possible in the world of fashion, art and technology.”

In a joint statement, Maison Meta co-founders Cyril Foiret and Nima Abbasi said: “While AI offers something new, Spring Studios brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the luxury and fashion space. We are excited to be able to tap into it. Spring Studios' platform, its undisputed reputation and credibility in the market will undoubtedly accelerate our growth, enabling us to deliver to the world's most exciting brands.”

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