Pepsi launches new look updating classic fashion staples in new work via Special PR – Campaign Brief

Pepsi launches new look updating classic fashion staples in new work via Special PR

Pepsi marked its bold new era with an innovative collaboration with emerging designer Jackson Cowden, celebrating not only Pepsi's new identity, but the reinvention of classic fashion items and conventions through Special PR.

In collaboration with the 22-year-old emerging “digital fashion artist”, the launch of the Pepsi Pulse collection showcases Pepsi's new visual identity, while challenging the status quo of traditional design.

The 10-piece bespoke collection is designed with AI first, taking inspiration from Pepsi's brand new look and refreshingly old staples such as the black dress and classic white shirt; with modernity injected through innovative AI methods.

Says Alex Bryant, Managing Director of Special PR: “Finding an interesting way to celebrate the renewal of such an iconic brand was an incredible challenge for us in our first major campaign for Special PR for Pepsi. Inspired by an industry that knows how to reinvent and update, we were delighted to find a shared vision with the collection's fashion designer and creative director, Jackson Cowden. This campaign launch demonstrates how Pepsi continues to challenge convention, push boundaries and always put enjoyment first.”

Pepsi launches new look updating classic fashion staples in new work via Special PR

Vandita Pandey, ANZ marketing director, aperitif beverages at PepsiCo Australia, says: “Following hugely successful global launches in other markets, we really wanted our local launch to feel relevant to our culturally thirsty next generation drinkers in Australia .

“Pepsi supports the next generation of creators and designers. Since our new visual identity was bold, unapologetic, modern and iconic, we wanted to partner with a new designer who could bring a unique vision to our renewal. It was a privilege to be able to support Jackson to launch their first fashion show.”

Using traditional methods of sketching, pattern making and multiple rounds of samples would normally take Cowden up to nine months to complete a collection. With the young designer choosing an alternative approach to AI fashion technology, designing first in the digital world, Cowden was able to complete final designs in 40 days, minimizing waste, saving time and pushing the boundaries of fashion traditions.

Jackson Cowden, designer and creative director of the collection, says: “It was incredibly important for me to partner with Pepsi at this point in my career, a partnership born from our shared values ​​around challenging the status quo, pushing the unconventional and looking for new .and bold ways of doing things.

“The Pepsi Pulse Collection does exactly that and more, transcending traditional boundaries and challenging conventional norms. Pepsi's 'Pulse' is an illustrative way of telling different stories for the brand, it is Pepsi's visual response to the rhythm of culture , reflecting the pulse of the worlds in which we are immersed.

“Increasingly in the near future fashion designers will be drawn to digital fashion design, with 'preconceived rules' in creative fields abandoned. Pepsi is known for keeping the cultural pulse, and the innovative and creative way in which this collection brings to life the proves even more.”

Pepsi launches new look updating classic fashion staples in new work via Special PR

Pepsi's Pulse Collection was launched last night in collaboration with Australia's leading event and experience creator, Rizer, which was showcased in a spectacular setting on the edge of Sydney's iconic harbour. Merging the physical and digital worlds, highlighted by an exclusive performance by superstar G Flip, with model Samantha Harris leading the runway with James Parr.

Says Zoe Bailey, Creative Director of Rizer: “Jackson's digital design process was a great inspiration for creating an unconventional catwalk, with the energy of Pepsi's bold identity. Embracing the unconventional, we blur the lines between fashion, animation, lighting, sound, dance and performance, all in one story.”

The track was also streamed live via oOh!media's flagship full motion site at The Bourke in Melbourne. In a first for oOh!media's creative and innovation hub, POLY, he managed end-to-end production from broadcast to delivery.

The Pepsi Pulse Runway Collection is being rolled out across experiential, earned, social and OOH.

Client: Pepsi
Director of Marketing, Snacks and Beverages: Vandita Pandey
Head of Beverage Marketing: Susan Press
Marketing Manager: Tiana Handel
Brand Manager: Candy Wong
Senior Corporate Communications Manager: Skye Oxenham

special PR
Lindsay Evans – Partner and CEO
Alex Bryant – General Manager
Dave Hartmann – Strategy Partner
Tom Martin – Partner and CCO
Julian Schreiber – Partner and CCO
Max McKeon – Creative Director
Kate Wilkinson – Creative Strategist
Michelle Braslin – Team Leader
Maddie Armstrong – Business Director
Sarah Halpin – Accounts Director
Allex Conley – Publicist
Bella Hayes – Account Executive
Jamie Astley – Business Director
Irnin Khan – Social Manager
Maggie Webster – Designer

Design team
Jackson Cowden: Creative Director and Lead Designer of the Pepsi Pulse Collection
Sophie Azar – Head of Fashion Production
Liam Ramírez – Production Assistant / Machinist
Kolet Hodgson – Production Coordinator
Sophie Nixon – Production Coordinator

Barry Wafer – Founding Director
Mellani Tallis – General Manager
Edward Woolrych – Head of Projects
Bim Ricketson – Creative Director
Adam Lofthouse – Head of Production
Ashley Diamond – Executive Producer
Zoe Bailey – Creative Director
Dominica Lipinski – Senior Producer
Andrew Lee – Senior Director of Production
Pamela Craddock – Talent Executive
Mieke Bosschieter – Associate Producer
Olivia Rowlands – Creative

Jen Jones – Group Business Director
Imogen Speck – Business Director
Gilbert Lee – Director of Planning
Christine Chen – Group Investment Manager
Mikeah Irving – Senior Investment Manager

Richard Moore: Director of Production and Content
Zoe Chan-Iverach – Digital Producer
Luke Haillay – Multimedia Developer
Mark Passlow – Technology Leader
Michelle Su – Technology Analyst

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