Models generated by artificial intelligence could bring more diversity to the fashion industry or leave it with less | Daily rest

CHICAGO — London model Alexsandrah has a twin, but not in the way you'd expect: Her counterpart is made of pixels instead of flesh and blood.

The virtual twin was generated by artificial intelligence and has already appeared as a stand-in for the real-life Alexsandra in a photo shoot.

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Michael Musandu

Michael Musandu, co-founder and CEO of AI fashion company, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 8. In March 2023, iconic denim brand Levi Strauss & Co. announced that it would test AI-generated models produced by the Amsterdam-based company to add a wider range of underrepresented body types and demographics to its website.

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AI Fashion Models-Alexsandra

Fashion model Alexsandra in London on March 29. She has an AI version of herself that is used as a human model.

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AI Fashion Models-Alexsandra

Fashion model Alexsandra in London on March 29. While AI modeling agencies—some of them black-owned—can represent models of all races, genders and sizes with the click of a finger, real models of color have historically faced higher barriers to entry. you may be out of a job.

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kAmqFE 23D6?E px C68F=2E:@?D[ :E’D FA E@ 4@>A2?:6D E@ 36 EC2?DA2C6?E 2?5 6E9:42= 23@FE 56A=@J:?8 px E649?@=@8J] p?5 +:77[ E96 7@F?56C @7 E96 |@56= p==:2?46[ =:<6?D E96 4FCC6?E =24< @7 =682= AC@E64E:@?D 7@C 72D9:@? H@C<6CD E@ “E96 (:=5 (6DE]”k^Am

kAm%92E'D H9J E96 |@56= p==:2?46 😀 AFD9:?8 7@C =68:D=2E:@? =:<6 E96 @?6 36:?8 4@?D:56C65 :? }6H *@C< DE2E6[ :? H9:49 2 AC@G:D:@? @7 E96 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]?JD6?2E6]8@G^?@56^`a_bbdfhQmu2D9:@? (@C<6CD p4Ek^2m H@F=5 C6BF:C6 >2?286>6?E 4@>A2?:6D 2?5 3C2?5D E@ @3E2:? >@56=D' 4 =62C HC:EE6? 4@?D6?EE@ 4C62E6 @C FD6 2 >@56='D 5:8:E2= C6A=:42j DA64:7J E96 2>@F?E 2?5 5FC2E:@ ? @7 4@>A6?D2E:@?[ 2?5 AC@9:3:E 2=E6C:?8 @C >2?:AF=2E:?8 >@56=D’ 5:8:E2= C6A=:42 H:E9@FE 4@?D6?E]k^Am

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