Kula: Features, Benefits and Review


In the dynamic world of talent acquisition, staying ahead in the recruitment game is key to building a formidable workforce. Kula – Outbound Recruitment Automation Platform emerges as a game-changer for recruiters and hiring managers alike. This innovative platform leverages the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way companies engage with passive candidates, streamline their recruitment funnel, and harness the full potential of employee referrals.


  • Flows: Automates passive candidate engagement, allowing recruiters to set up personalized outreach sequences.
  • Circles: Turns employee referrals into a proactive sourcing strategy, expanding the talent pool through existing networks.
  • Analytics: Provides a comprehensive view of the recruitment funnel, offering insights to optimize the hiring process.
  • Multi-Channel Engagement: Enables communication across various channels, including email and LinkedIn InMails, with automated sequences.
  • One-click Sourcing: Integrates with the Kula Everywhere Chrome extension for efficient candidate sourcing from LinkedIn and GitHub.
  • Automate Employee Referrals: Centralizes internal networks to streamline the referral process and discover talent within the organization’s reach.
  • Performance Tracking: Offers detailed insights into team performance and the effectiveness of recruitment strategies.

How It Works

  1. Custom Outreach: The AI crafts personalized messages tailored to each candidate’s background and skills.
  2. Seamless Integration: Kula integrates with existing tech stacks like ATS, Gmail, Greenhouse, Slack, etc.
  3. Streamlined Sourcing: Utilizing the Chrome extension, Kula simplifies sourcing from platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub.
  4. Data-Driven Decisions: Analytics features provide snapshots of candidate outreach stages for better decision-making.
  5. Continuous Engagement: Automated follow-up sequences ensure consistent communication without additional effort from recruiters.


  • Efficiency: Saves time by automating tactical tasks, freeing recruiters to focus on more strategic elements.
  • Increased Productivity: Enhances team productivity with streamlined processes and automated follow-ups.
  • Higher Engagement: Improves candidate response rates with personalized outreach.
  • Data Security: Adheres to security standards with SOC 2 attestation and GDPR compliance.
  • User-Friendly: Offers an intuitive interface and round-the-clock support for a smooth user experience.


Kula offers a 14-day free trial without the need for a credit card. For detailed pricing information beyond the trial period, potential users are encouraged to reach out to the Kula team directly or explore the platform’s pricing page for various subscription options tailored to different team sizes and needs.


Customers have reported significant improvements in recruitment efficiency and productivity, praising the platform’s intuitive design, time-saving capabilities, and innovative features like Circles and InMail automation. The consistent updates and reliable support are also highlighted, emphasizing Kula’s commitment to user satisfaction and product excellence.


Kula stands out as a robust and intuitive outbound recruitment automation platform that caters to the needs of modern talent acquisition teams. Its AI-driven approach to candidate engagement, combined with powerful integration and analytics capabilities, positions Kula as a valuable asset for recruiters aiming to hire smarter and faster. With its free trial and user-friendly interface, Kula is well worth considering for any team looking to elevate their recruiting game.


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