Doerplan: Features, Benefits and Review


In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, crafting an effective marketing strategy and understanding your audience are key to driving business success. Doerplan is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to simplify and automate the process of creating comprehensive marketing strategies and insightful user personas. Tailored for technical founders, non-marketers, and small businesses, Doerplan aims to transform your project into profit with a clear and actionable marketing roadmap.


  • User Persona Generator: Highly detailed user personas offering deep insights into your audience.
  • Actionable Marketing Strategies: Personalized strategies and plans to guide your marketing efforts.
  • Competitor Insights: A detailed understanding of your competitors.
  • Audience Interviewing: Engage directly with your buyer personas via chat.
  • Expanding Template Library: Includes B2B marketing strategy framework and go-to-market strategy templates.
  • Website and Ad Copy Generator: Generate custom ads and website copy.
  • Curated Link Directories: Guidance on where to post your product.
  • Document Editor: A dynamic Notion-like document editor with powerful features.
  • Downloadable Content: Access to all reports, strategies, and personas in downloadable formats.
  • Future Updates: Lifetime access to all new features and improvements.

How It Works

  1. In-depth Project Analysis: Doerplan analyzes your project details to lay the groundwork for subsequent strategies.
  2. Generation of Strategies and Personas: Based on your project’s core insights, Doerplan creates personalized strategies and user personas.
  3. Implementation and Growth: You implement the strategies and plans, monitoring your project’s performance and growth.


  • A tailored marketing approach that understands your unique project.
  • Quick generation of marketing strategies, saving time and resources.
  • Easy to follow and expandable strategies that evolve with your business.
  • No need for marketing expertise, making it accessible to non-marketers.
  • One-time payment with no subscriptions, offering cost-effective marketing solutions.


  • Single Project: $39 (previously $89) for full access to Doerplan for a single project.
  • Unlimited Projects: $279 (previously $400) for full access to Doerplan for an unlimited number of projects.


Doerplan stands out as a game changer for those who may lack marketing expertise but possess the drive to succeed in their business ventures. The tool’s ability to generate tailored strategies and user personas, coupled with its ease of use and affordability, make it an attractive option for startups and small businesses. The lack of recurring fees and the promise of ongoing updates and features further solidify its value proposition.


Doerplan provides a comprehensive, AI-driven solution for automated marketing strategies and user personas generation. With its simple pricing model, robust features, and user-friendly interface, Doerplan is an ideal partner for non-marketers and technical founders looking to make a significant impact in the market. By simplifying the complex process of marketing strategy development, Doerplan enables businesses to focus on growth and profitability.


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