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Siwalu Software GmbH has developed an innovative solution for pet owners and animal enthusiasts: AI-based animal recognition apps that make identifying animals a breeze. With a focus on dogs, cats, and horses, Siwalu’s suite of apps – Dog Scanner, Cat Scanner, and Horse Scanner – utilizes cutting-edge technology to scan and identify animal breeds quickly and accurately. These apps not only provide information about purebred animals but also have the capability to determine mixed breeds, offering a fun and informative experience for users.


  • AI-based Recognition: Uses artificial intelligence to accurately identify animal breeds from images.
  • Multiple Species: Currently includes apps for dogs, cats, and horses with plans to expand to other species.
  • Fast and Easy: Provides quick results, making it more convenient than DNA analysis.
  • User Engagement: Features like social feeds and gamification enhance user interaction.
  • Educational: Helps users learn more about their pet’s breed and characteristics.
  • Global Biodiversity Knowledge: Aims to increase knowledge about global biodiversity through its apps.

How It Works

  1. Download the App: Choose the relevant scanner app for your pet or the animal you wish to identify.
  2. Take a Picture: Snap a photo of the animal using your smartphone’s camera within the app.
  3. Scan and Identify: The app analyzes the image using AI technology and provides you with the breed information.
  4. Learn: Discover more about the animal’s characteristics, traits, and breed details through the app.


  • Convenience: Quick and easy breed identification at your fingertips.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers a free alternative to costly DNA tests.
  • Educational Value: Provides valuable information about various breeds and their traits.
  • Community Sharing: Allows users to share content and engage with a community of pet owners and animal lovers.
  • Accurate Results: Praised for its accuracy in identifying breeds by numerous user reviews.


Siwalu’s apps are available for download, offering a cost-effective solution for animal breed identification. The pricing details and any in-app purchases can be found on the respective app stores where the apps are available for download.


Users rave about the accuracy and ease of use of Siwalu’s apps. Reviews from both the App Store and Play Store highlight the apps’ ability to correctly identify breeds and even provide a bit of humor when scanning humans. The apps are commended for their role in assisting pet adoption and rescue, as well as for being a valuable tool for pet owners who are curious about their animal’s breed.


Siwalu’s AI-based animal recognition apps are a testament to the innovative use of technology in everyday life. They provide an accessible tool for anyone from casual pet owners to professionals in the field of animal rescue and care. With the promise of expanding their capabilities to encompass more species, Siwalu is setting a new standard in the field of animal breed recognition and biodiversity awareness.


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