Receiptify: Features, Benefits and Review


Receiptify stands at the forefront of receipt management software for businesses, offering an AI-powered platform designed to simplify the tedious task of managing receipts. With features that cater to individuals and businesses alike, Receiptify streamlines the process of finding, organizing, and analyzing purchase records. It’s designed to save time and eliminate the need for manual sorting through emails or physical receipts, which can be a game-changer, especially during tax season or financial auditing.


Receiptify comes with an array of features that set it apart as a leading receipt management solution:

  1. AI-Powered Receipt Extraction: Quickly finds all your receipts in your email inbox in seconds.
  2. Comprehensive Data Extraction: Captures detailed information from receipts, including purchase amounts, categories, merchants, and sales tax.
  3. Mobile Uploads: Allows for easy receipt uploads directly from your phone.
  4. QuickBooks Integration: Seamlessly matches transactions and receipts in your QuickBooks account.
  5. Automatic Receipts Backup: Syncs with Dropbox or Google Drive for secure backup of receipts.
  6. Versatile Reports Download: Provides the ability to download receipts in ZIP, CSV, or PDF formats.

How It Works

Receiptify simplifies receipt management through the following steps:

  1. Email Integration: Connects to your Gmail or Outlook to find receipts within your emails.
  2. AI Recognition: Identifies emails containing receipts and extracts necessary data.
  3. Upload Option: Allows manual uploads of receipts from any device.
  4. Data Extraction: Analyzes historical emails for past receipts and extracts pertinent information.
  5. Export and Backup: Offers options to export receipts and back up to cloud storage services.


Users can enjoy numerous advantages with Receiptify:

  1. Time-Efficiency: Reduces the time spent searching for receipts in emails and physical copies.
  2. Comprehensive Organization: Keeps all receipt data organized and accessible.
  3. Seamless Integration: Works with popular accounting software and cloud storage services.
  4. Data Security: Ensures that emails are not stored in the database, maintaining privacy.
  5. Easy Accessibility: Receipts can be accessed and exported in multiple formats for convenience.


Receiptify offers a range of pricing plans suitable for different needs:

  • Individual Plan: At $9/month, suitable for in-depth email analysis with support for 2 email inboxes and up to 100 receipts.
  • Business Plan: Priced at $29/month, designed for handling a high volume of receipts with unlimited email inboxes and 1,000 receipts.
  • Accountant Plan: Costs $79/month, tailored for businesses with multiple clients and employees, offering unlimited inboxes and receipts.

All plans are available with a risk-free option to start for free and cancel anytime.


Customer testimonials reflect the positive impact of Receiptify:

  • Joseph Van from Glove Surplus praises its ease of use and the time it saves for his company.
  • Thai Huynh, a self-employed engineer, appreciates the platform’s help during tax season, simplifying the process of gathering receipts for deductions.


Receiptify emerges as an essential tool for businesses and individuals looking to take control of their receipt management. With AI-powered features, integration options, and a secure platform, it promises to enhance productivity and financial organization. Whether you’re managing personal expenses or handling multiple clients, Receiptify offers a tailored plan to meet your needs.


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