Roundabout: Features, Benefits and Review


In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, micro-influencers have emerged as a powerful force for brands looking to connect with specific audiences. Roundabout – Micro Influencer Marketing Platform specializes in harnessing the potential of niche creators to drive impactful influencer campaigns. With a focus on providing validated and targeted profiles, Roundabout streamlines the process of influencer marketing for both brands and influencers.


Roundabout boasts several top features that make it an attractive solution for influencer marketing:

  • Find: Locate the perfect micro-influencers across 100+ niches with verified insights and data.
  • Control: Maintain full control over the campaign briefs and content approvals.
  • Convert: Leverage influencer content to generate high engagement and achieve marketing goals.
  • Transparent Data and Processes: Access transparent data about influencers, ensuring no fake followers and safe engagement rates.
  • Flexible Pricing: Benefit from all-inclusive pricing that’s adjustable to your budget without the need for negotiation.

How It Works

Roundabout simplifies the influencer campaign process in four key steps:

  1. Make Data-Driven Choices: Users can find and save creators from a pool of over 100 niche topics with verified data.
  2. Calculate Campaign Prices: Set campaign costs based on the number of contents, influencers, and desired results.
  3. Write Briefs and Invite Creators: Share guidelines with influencers, including storytelling, shipments, and deadlines.
  4. Activate & Track: Streamline content production and publishing while tracking performance in-depth for impactful campaigns.


Choosing Roundabout for your influencer marketing efforts comes with several advantages:

  • Niche & Geography Accuracy: Precise influencer research tailored to specific niches and geographical locations.
  • No Subscription Fees: Pay-per-campaign model without any entry fees.
  • Automation with Strategic Support: A self-service platform with additional support from a strategy team when needed.
  • Time Efficiency: Save up to 90% of the time typically spent on influencer campaigns.
  • ROI & Engagement: Benefit from a platform that has shown to deliver high ROI and engagement rates for its users.


Roundabout’s pricing is designed to be flexible and all-inclusive, based on the specifics of each campaign. There is no subscription fee, meaning clients only pay for the campaigns they want to activate. The exact prices are tailored to the number of influencers, the amount of content, and the desired campaign outcomes.


While no direct user reviews from the provided URL are available for Roundabout, the platform’s assertion that it has exceeded brand strategist expectations and the case studies provided suggest a positive reception. The reported increase in ROI and sales during key campaign periods, like Amazon Prime Days, indicate that Roundabout successfully meets the needs of its users.


Roundabout – Micro Influencer Marketing Platform presents a compelling option for businesses seeking to leverage the power of micro-influencers in their marketing strategies. With its data-driven approach, control over content creation, transparent processes, flexible pricing, and strategic support, Roundabout is well-positioned to facilitate successful influencer campaigns that deliver tangible results.


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