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Crafting a compelling CV and cover letter is pivotal in landing your dream job, particularly in the competitive field of International Higher Education. UniGlobal Careers provides a cutting-edge CV Generator that leverages the power of AI to create tailored resumes and cover letters. Their platform, powered by ChatGPT and OpenAI, offers real-time assistance to enhance your job application documents, ensuring they are optimized for your target job description.


  • AI Writer: Harnesses advanced AI to craft personalized CVs and cover letters.
  • CV Scorer: Provides instant feedback to improve your CV’s effectiveness.
  • CV Templates: Access to a variety of professional templates.
  • Auto Formatter: Automatically formats your CV for a polished look.
  • Keyword Targeter: Tailors your CV and cover letter to the job description.
  • Blockchain Encryption: Ensures the security of your personal information.
  • Job Description-based Optimization: Customizes your application to align with specific job requirements.

How It Works

  1. Input Job Description: Add the job description for the position you are applying for.
  2. Enter Experience and Education: Provide details about your work experience and education.
  3. Utilize AI Assistance: Use the AI to enhance the details of your CV.
  4. Auto-format Your CV: Apply AI auto-formatting for a professional and organized appearance.
  5. Generate Cover Letter: Let the AI create a cover letter that complements your CV.


  • Personal AI Assistant: Saves time and personalizes your application.
  • Optimized Results: Ensures your CV and cover letter meet the specific criteria of employers.
  • Instant Feedback: The CV scorer helps you make the necessary adjustments to improve your job prospects.
  • Professional Formatting: Your CV will have a visually appealing layout.
  • Easy Download: Conveniently download your documents in Word or PDF formats and save them to the cloud.


UniGlobal Careers offers a free version of the CV Generator, allowing you to start creating your CV and cover letter at no initial cost. For full access to all features, there may be additional costs or subscription fees, with occasional limited lifetime offers for comprehensive packages.


Users across the globe have praised UniGlobal Careers’ CV Generator for its intuitive AI-driven tools that have significantly eased the job application process. Testimonials from satisfied customers like Hannah H., George M., Roxanne W., and Brian K. attest to the platform’s effectiveness in creating tailored and professional-looking CVs and cover letters, resulting in successful job interviews.


The UniGlobal Careers CV Generator is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the process of creating job application materials. With the integration of AI technology, it offers a personalized and efficient approach to CV and cover letter creation, making it an indispensable resource for job seekers in International Higher Education.


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