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In the digital age, where color photography is ubiquitous, black and white photos can seem like relics of the past. However, these monochrome images often hold historical significance and sentimental value. PhotosRevive is an innovative application available through Setapp that breathes new life into these old photographs by colorizing them using smart AI technology. Whether you have a collection of family heirlooms or you’re a history aficionado with a penchant for the past, PhotosRevive offers a user-friendly solution to see history in a new light.


  1. Colorize Automatically: Leverage AI technology to effortlessly transform black-and-white photos into color with a simple click.
  2. Adjust Color Manually: Fine-tune the colorization results with manual adjustments for color points, brightness, contrast, and more to ensure accuracy and personalization.
  3. Import Photos or Scan: Easily import images from your device’s library or directly scan photos into the app, with support for both Photos and Finder.
  4. Use on Mac or iOS: Enjoy the flexibility of using PhotosRevive on both Mac and iOS devices, making it convenient to colorize images on-the-go.
  5. Photos Extension: Integrate seamlessly with the native Photos app, allowing users to colorize images within their existing photo library without switching apps.

How It Works

  • Download Setapp: Get PhotosRevive by downloading Setapp, which also includes access to over 240 other apps.
  • Drag and Drop: Simply drag and drop your black-and-white photo into the PhotosRevive app.
  • Click Colorize: With a single click, the AI will work its magic to colorize your photo.
  • Adjust If Needed: Make manual adjustments to the colorization to achieve the desired look.
  • Save Your Image: Once satisfied, save the newly colorized image to your device.


  • Revitalize Historical Photos: Bring a fresh perspective to old photographs, making them more relatable and engaging for modern viewers.
  • Simple to Use: With an intuitive interface, colorizing photos is a straightforward process that doesn’t require technical expertise.
  • High-Level Accuracy: Advanced AI ensures that the colors added to photos are realistic and historically appropriate.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: Available on both macOS and iOS, offering versatility in how and where you choose to colorize your images.
  • Seamless Integration: Works within the Photos app, streamlining your workflow and enhancing usability.


  • Free Trial: Experience PhotosRevive with a 7-day free trial, giving you a taste of its capabilities.
  • Subscription Model: Access PhotosRevive and over 240 other apps for just $9.99 per month after the trial period.


PhotosRevive boasts a high satisfaction rate with a 97% approval and 124 ratings. This indicates that users have found the app to be effective and enjoyable to use. The application’s ease of use, coupled with the accuracy of its AI-driven colorization, makes it an appealing choice for anyone looking to add color to their black-and-white photos.


PhotosRevive represents a fusion of nostalgia and modern technology, offering a unique tool to those who wish to see the past in a new light. Through its simple yet powerful interface, anyone can transform monochromatic memories into vibrant images. With the convenience of Setapp’s subscription model, it’s not just a single app but a gateway to a multitude of productivity and creative tools, making it a valuable resource for Mac and iOS users alike.


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