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Scenario is revolutionizing the way game assets are created by harnessing the power of generative AI. This platform is dedicated to providing game professionals with the ultimate level of control over AI-generated content, ensuring that the assets are not only unique but also consistent with the game’s style. With custom-trained AI models, Scenario offers a robust solution for studios looking to accelerate their development process and enhance player experiences.


  • Custom AI Generators: Train AI models based on your specific art direction for style-consistent assets.
  • Full Control Over Outputs: Utilize advanced features like Composition Control and Pixel-Perfect Inpainting for precise adjustments.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate the Scenario GenAI Engine into game engines, design software, or directly into games via API.
  • Diverse Art Styles: Generate assets in a variety of styles, including Anime, Hand Drawn, Cel Shaded, Realism, Pixel Art, Voxel Art, Watercolor Style, and Avatars.

How It Works

  1. Train Your Own Models: Collect your art assets, upload them to Scenario, and train custom AI generators.
  2. Design with AI: Use the AI to create infinite variations of game assets that fit your game’s style and IP.
  3. Seamless Workflow Integration: Incorporate the AI into your studio’s workflow to reduce development time.
  4. Cross-Platform AI: Extend AI capabilities to player-generated content, maintaining consistency and control.


  • Time Efficiency: Drastically cut down on asset development time.
  • Creative Freedom: Overcome creative blocks and unlock new possibilities in asset design.
  • Consistent Quality: Maintain the aesthetic integrity of game assets across your franchise.
  • Player Engagement: Empower players with tools to create within the game universe.


Scenario offers a free start for those interested in exploring the platform’s capabilities. However, for more in-depth information on full pricing structures, including API pricing, users are encouraged to visit the Scenario website or contact the support team.


Scenario has received positive feedback from various industry professionals and studios. It is praised for its user-friendly interface, powerful tooling, and ability to produce consistent and high-quality game assets. Notable testimonials from companies like The Sandbox, Fusebox Games, and MillionOnMars affirm Scenario’s impact on creativity and efficiency in game asset production.


Scenario stands as a pioneering force in the gaming industry, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for AI-generated game asset creation. It’s a platform that not only promises to shatter development time but also empowers creators and studios to envision and realize game worlds in ways previously unimagined. As generative AI continues to shape the future of gaming, Scenario is poised to be at the forefront of this transformative wave.


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