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NocoAI is a cutting-edge no-code and serverless platform designed to streamline the process of building, managing, and deploying GPT-3 applications and models. Targeted at developers and business owners alike, this platform aims to simplify the integration of advanced language models into various applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge or managing server infrastructure.


  • No-Code Platform: Easily create GPT-3 applications with a user-friendly interface, without writing any code.
  • Serverless Deployment: Say goodbye to server management—deploy your models seamlessly in a serverless environment.
  • API Generation: Generate client or backend APIs for defined templates, with inbuilt or custom-tuned models.
  • Authentication Integration: Secure your APIs with existing authentication services like Firebase, Auth0, or Custom JWT setups.
  • Cost Control: Add request and user limits to APIs to control## Introduction

NocoAI marks a significant development in the field of artificial intelligence, offering a no-code and serverless platform tailored for GPT applications and models. This innovative solution empowers users to build, manage, and deploy GPT-3 applications with ease, without requiring extensive programming knowledge. It’s an ideal tool for anyone looking to integrate advanced AI capabilities into their projects or businesses efficiently.


  • APIs: Generate client or backend APIs for your defined templates using either inbuilt or custom-tuned models.
  • Authentication: Authorize APIs using existing services such as Firebase, Auth0, or Custom JWT setups.
  • Cost Control: Manage your OpenAI costs effectively by setting request and user limits on every API.
  • API Analysis: Analyze API usage to optimize and fine-tune your custom model.
  • Templates: Define prompt templates and variables using the Mustache template engine, which can then be utilized as API parameters.
  • Models: Create custom fine-tuned models with the assistance of non-developers through a simple UI.


  • Free Plan:
    • API Requests: 100
    • Monthly Active Users (MAUs): 10
    • Fine-tunes: 10
    • Team Members: Add API or User Limiting (Coming Soon)
  • Starter Plan ($8):
    • API Requests: 10,000
    • MAUs: 1,000
    • Fine-tunes: Unlimited
    • Team Members: 10
    • Add API or User Limiting (Coming Soon)
  • Grow Plan ($19):
    • API Requests: 50,000 (with excess at $0.5 per 1K requests)
    • MAUs: 10,000 (with excess at $0.1 per 100 users)
    • Fine-tunes: Unlimited
    • Team Members: Unlimited
    • Add API or User Limiting (Coming Soon)
  • Business Plan: Custom pricing and features, including custom integration, prioritized feature development, and 24/7 customer support.


  • Ease of Use: The no-code interface simplifies the creation and deployment of GPT applications.
  • Serverless: Eliminates the need for server management, reducing complexity and potential costs.
  • Scalability: Plans cater to various sizes of operations, from free trials to custom business solutions.
  • Security: Integrates with established authentication providers to ensure API security.
  • Cost Management: Provides the ability to control and predict OpenAI costs through set limits.

How It Works

  1. Sign up and start defining your prompt templates and variables.
  2. Generate and authorize backend or client APIs for your application.
  3. Optionally, have the NocoAI team assist with custom fine-tuning models.
  4. Integrate the APIs into your application and control your usage and costs.
  5. Use analytics to assess API performance and make necessary adjustments.


NocoAI presents an innovative solution for businesses and individuals looking to harness the power of GPT-3 without delving into the complexities of coding or infrastructure management. The platform’s varied pricing plans make it accessible for startups and small businesses while also providing scalability for growing companies. The addition of API and user limiting features, set to come soon, will further enhance the platform’s cost management capabilities.


NocoAI stands out as a valuable asset for anyone looking to leverage GPT-3 technology in their applications. With its no-code approach, serverless deployment, and comprehensive pricing models, it simplifies the process of integrating advanced AI into various projects. Whether you’re starting a new venture or looking to scale an existing one, NocoAI provides the tools and support required to make AI adoption seamless and effective.


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