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In the digital age where content is king, standing out from the crowd requires creativity and a touch of uniqueness. Unboring by Reface is an online face swapping and photo animation tool that brings a new level of entertainment and personalization to your digital content. Whether you aim to animate your buddies, swap faces with celebrities, or restyle your videos into artistic masterpieces, Unboring provides the tools to make it happen. Let’s dive into what makes Unboring the go-to app for those looking to inject fun and originality into their photos and videos.


  • Face Swap: Instantly change your face in photos or videos for amusing results.
  • Animate Photos: Bring still images to life with motion and sound.
  • Restyle Videos: Apply enchanting filters to transform your videos.
  • Restyle Images: Convert your photos into various creative styles like cartoon or cyberpunk.
  • AI Avatar Generator: Create your unique avatar with AI technology.
  • Old Face Filter: See yourself age with the old face filter.
  • AI Anime Filter: Turn portraits into anime style with the Photo to Anime Online tool.

How It Works

  1. Face Swap: Choose a photo or video and swap faces with ease, no advanced skills required.
  2. Animate Photos: Select a photo, apply animation, and watch as it sings or dances to preset tunes.
  3. Restyle Videos and Images: Choose from a wide range of styles and apply them to your content to create something truly unique.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design allows anyone to create professional-level edits.
  • Wide Variety of Styles: Regular updates provide fresh and trendy visual options.
  • Long Video Uploads: Ability to work with extended video content.
  • Fast Processing: Quick and efficient editing without long wait times.
  • Custom Content Compatibility: Works with your own photos and videos for personalized creations.
  • Entertainment Value: Guaranteed to produce entertaining and engaging results.


Unboring operates on a token-based system, where tokens can be used across all services. Pricing plans include weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions:

  • Basic: 50 tokens per month at $9.99/month.
  • Advanced: 100 tokens per month at $12.99/month, with a 5% discount per token.
  • Pro: 300 tokens per month at $29.99/month, with a 10% discount per token.

Note: Prices are billed monthly and include a 24-hour money-back guarantee if idle.


Unboring boasts a high user satisfaction rate, reflected in its 4.8-star rating in the Apple App Store. Users praise the app for its ease of use, the variety of creative options, and the fun factor it brings to photo and video editing.


Unboring by Reface is an innovative tool that transcends traditional photo and video editing boundaries. It provides an accessible platform for users to explore their creativity, create shareable content, and add an element of surprise to ordinary pictures and clips. With its user-friendly interface and diverse style options, Unboring is a top choice for anyone looking to make their digital content stand out in a fun and engaging way.


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