TalentRecruit: Features, Benefits and Review


TalentRecruit is an advanced applicant tracking and onboarding platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to optimize and automate the recruitment process. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, TalentRecruit aims to enhance the hiring experience for both candidates and recruiters.


1. ERIKA – 24×7 Virtual Recruitment Assistant

  • ERIKA is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps discover the best talent by analyzing candidate data and patterns.
  • It can rank and recommend the most qualified candidates for open roles.
  • ERIKA enables personalized engagement through generative AI.

2. Multi-Channel Sourcing

  • Unlock powerful AI-driven sourcing across multiple channels like career sites, job boards, employee referrals, etc.
  • Helps attract both active and passive candidates.

3. Assessment and Screening

  • Conducts effective pre-screening and assessments of candidates.
  • Helps move the right candidates forward in the hiring process.

4. Interview Management

  • Scheduler allows interviewers and candidates to coordinate time slots.
  • Multi-level evaluation sheets help track candidate scoring.
  • Compare candidates to make informed hiring decisions.

5. Offer Management

  • Create, customize and manage complex offers for different roles.
  • Get notifications on offer acceptance and new hire joining status.

6. Onboarding

  • Digitized paperwork eliminates the need for manual forms.
  • Branded new hire portal reflects company values and culture.
  • Track onboarding progress and upload important documents.


  • Reduces time to hire with automation and AI capabilities.
  • Eliminates bias from the hiring process with auto candidate ranking.
  • Improves offer-to-joining ratio by engaging candidates post-offer.
  • Enhances employer brand with AI-driven sourcing across multiple channels.
  • Streamlines campus recruiting and hiring at scale.
  • Boosts new hire experience with branded onboarding portal.


TalentRecruit offers customized pricing based on the organization’s size and needs. They provide solutions for:

  • Small and mid-sized businesses
  • Large enterprises
  • Recruitment and staffing agencies

Exact pricing details are available on request. Volume discounts may be available for large deployments.


With cutting-edge features powered by AI, TalentRecruit aims to revolutionize recruitment and onboarding. It helps organizations discover and engage the right talent, make data-driven hiring decisions, delight candidates, and get new hires productive faster. TalentRecruit enhances the experience for all stakeholders in the hiring process.


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