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Welcome to the world of 1PhotoAI, where generating a stunning AI photo from a single selfie takes only 10 seconds. This online platform offers a transformative experience for those looking to enhance their social media presence with over 2000+ AI photo styles. Whether you’re aiming to create a unique avatar for your digital persona or elevate the quality of your images, 1PhotoAI is your go-to destination.

Features of 1PhotoAI

  • AI Avatar Generator: Craft personalized avatars with advanced AI technology.
  • Headshot Generator: Create professional headshots from a simple selfie.
  • Photo Enhancer: Upgrade low-quality images to high-definition effortlessly.
  • Extensive Style Library: Choose from a vast array of over 2000 photo styles.
  • User-Friendly: Simple three-step process to generate your AI photo.

How 1PhotoAI Works

  1. Upload a Clear Selfie: Start by uploading a good-quality selfie to the platform.
  2. Choose Your Style: Pick your preferred style from the extensive collection.
  3. Receive Your Photo: In approximately 10 seconds, get your AI-generated photo.

Benefits of Using 1PhotoAI

  • Speed: Generate AI photos in just 10 seconds.
  • Variety: Access to a wide range of styles to fit any occasion or need.
  • Quality Improvement: Enhance photo quality, including color and detail.
  • Personalization: Create unique avatars that reflect your personality or brand.
  • Professional Results: Attain professional-grade images without the need for a photographer.


1PhotoAI offers a limited-time discount on its photo credit packages:

  • 30 Photo Credits: $9.9 (50% off from the original price of $20)
  • 300 Photo Credits: $17.9 (50% off from the original price of $36)
  • 600 Photo Credits: $19.9 (50% off from the original price of $40)

Each package includes:

  • AI intelligent image generation
  • Low-quality portrait enhancement
  • AI Avatar generation
  • Valid for a period ranging from 1 to 6 months, depending on the package purchased.


1PhotoAI stands out for its rapid AI photo generation and the vast array of styles it offers. Users can easily transform their selfies into professional-looking avatars, headshots, or enhanced images. The platform’s simplicity and the quality of the results are frequently praised by users, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to upgrade their digital presence.


1PhotoAI is an innovative solution for those seeking to create high-quality, AI-generated photos with a personal touch. Its quick process, variety of styles, and affordable pricing make it an excellent option for individuals and professionals alike. Whether for personal enjoyment or professional use, 1PhotoAI delivers an exceptional and unique digital image experience.


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