Centerya: Features, Benefits and Review


Centerya is a cutting-edge Real Estate Sales Automation platform designed to redefine efficiency and revenue growth in the real estate sector. By leveraging AI-driven automation, Centerya optimizes client engagements and sales processes, enabling real estate professionals to close more deals and foster stronger client relationships.

Features of Centerya

  • Client Center: Offers a comprehensive view of clients, including personal and property data, and maps all interactions with each client.
  • Intelligence Center: Captures and summarizes each interaction for enhanced efficiency and automation while analyzing real estate data to boost intelligence and revenues.
  • Productivity Boost: Agents save approximately 4 to 6 hours per transaction, increasing overall productivity.
  • Transaction Growth: There is a reported tripling in the number of transactions per agent, showcasing the platform’s impact on sales efficiency.

How Centerya Works

  1. Client Interaction Mapping: Centerya tracks and organizes all interactions with clients, providing a clear overview of client engagements.
  2. Interaction Summarization: The platform summarizes interactions to streamline communication and follow-ups.
  3. Data Analysis: Real estate data is analyzed for actionable insights, helping to increase intelligence in sales strategies.
  4. Automation: Routine sales operations are automated, reducing manual effort and the chance of human error.

Benefits of Using Centerya

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Real estate sales operations are automated, freeing up valuable time for agents.
  • Increased Revenues: With AI-driven insights and streamlined processes, agents can close more deals, directly impacting revenue.
  • Comprehensive Client Data: Maintain a detailed database of clients and their interactions, ensuring no lead is missed.
  • Time Savings: Significant time is saved per transaction, leading to higher productivity.

Review of Centerya

Industry leaders such as Itay Gamlieli from Avenues, Eddie Shapiro from Nest Seekers, and Omri Elmalem from Rentopia have praised Centerya for setting a new standard in automating real estate sales operations. They have acknowledged the platform’s ability to capture every lead and provide a complete picture of deals, revolutionizing how real estate platforms should function in the modern world.


Centerya is a powerful and innovative real estate intelligence solution that empowers real estate professionals to enhance efficiency, increase revenues, and stay ahead in a competitive market. With its sophisticated AI automation and comprehensive data analysis, Centerya is an essential tool for any real estate business looking to optimize its sales processes and improve client relationship management.


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