The 19 Year Old Making $1.5M a Year With AI SaaS


Arib strongly believes there is still lots of opportunity to create successful AI software products.

The quickest way to pull this off is to become a ‘Dealmaker’.

Use this method properly, and you’ll be able to build a million dollar software product without knowing how to code and without spending a single penny. 

For example, Musicfy uses an AI model that allows you to clone other voices. You could use this model for a lot of different use cases:

Each of these use cases presents a business opportunity. You could create a platform that is specifically designed to help users generate backing vocals, or one that can create video game characters. 

There are thousands of AI models out there. Each of them can be manipulated to serve a particular use case. Your job is to find those use cases. 

Step 2: Find distribution

For Arib, this is the most important point.

There is tonnes of opportunity to create valuable software products if you have the right distribution.

In other words, you need to team up with a creator with a large audience. That audience should be made up of people who would be interested in using your software.

For example, if you’re building an AI tool that allows dog owners to make custom images of their dog (e.g. their dog on the moon, their dog in Paris etc.), then you’ll need to find someone with a large audience of dog owners. 


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