4 App Ideas Using OpenAI’s API and Bubble


What are No Code tools?

No Code tools empower anyone to build things online without any technical knowledge or coding experience.

  • Shopify lets you build e-commerce stores… no coding needed
  • Wix lets you build websites… no coding needed
  • Bubble lets you build apps and software… no coding needed.


Think about how crazy that is for a second.

Building an app used to be a lengthy, expensive process that required a full team of specialized experts. UI/UX designers, back-end developers, security specialists.

The biggest barrier for anyone to build an app or software was the need for coding skills. No Code tools have completely destroyed that barrier.

Now you just need Bubble.

Here’s the wild part: You can plug in the most powerful AI model (accessible to the public) directly into your app… OpenAI’s GPT.


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