How to Start a Million-Dollar Home Service Business


Second task: Ask your friends and family for recommendations

The more recommendations you receive on Next Door, the higher your profile appears on search results for your area. It also gives your business more legitimacy and credibility on the app.

That means, in the beginning, you need to do everything you can to get yourself off the ground.

Ask friends and family to recommend you in Next Door, and pester them until they do it.

Third task: Post on Next Door

Start making content on Next Door. The messaging should always be a special offer. For example “We are running a special offer exclusively for Next Door. Use the code ‘NextDoor10’, and we’ll give you a 25% discount”.

Fourth task: Send people to text messaging

Rather than sending people from Next Door to your website, send them straight to text messaging. Here’s how Rhys uses GoHighLevel to automatically send text messages to potential customers:

  • Potential customer fills in a form providing their contact details. 
  • He uses a Zapier automation to send a text message immediately saying: “Hey, it looks like you inquired for a pool cleaning service. We ran your email, and it looks like you’re not in our system yet. Let me know your zip code, and I’ll let you know if you qualify for our neighborhood special”.
  • If the potential customer replies, it notifies an admin in-house.
  • The admin looks up the zip code and sends out the following template: “It looks like you qualify for the discount. Do you have any questions at all about the pool cleaning service? Do you have any repairs that are also needed?”
  • If the potential customer replies, the admin calls them. She uses a script with the sole aim of getting the potential customer to e-sign via phone and take payment on credit card.
  • Rhys uses Sign Now, where people can sign via text and closes the deal in a text message.


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