11 Custom GPT Ideas to Make Money on OpenAI’s GPT Store


OpenAI just announced something big. A lot of people are going to make a lot of money with this…

OpenAI recently unveiled “GPTs”.

This could be bigger than the App Store.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how you can make money by creating your own GPT. I’ll also share a bunch of GPT ideas so you can get started as soon as possible.

What are GPTs?

GPTs are customized versions of ChatGPT for a specific purpose.

You train the GPT with custom data so it is highly tuned to deal with a specific problem. For example, a GPT that has been fed hundreds of viral Tweets is going to be considerably better at writing viral tweets.

Anyone can create a GPT for almost anything.

Here’s the exciting part: OpenAI is building a GPT store where you can post your GPT for others to use. 

Here’s the even more exciting part: There will be revenue sharing.

You heard that right. If lots of people like and use your GPT, OpenAI will pay you.

OpenAI basically just dropped the next big passive income opportunity.

Someone is going to make money creating GPTs. Why shouldn’t it be you?

How do I make my own GPT?

OpenAI is making it unbelievably easy to make your own GPT.

You don’t need a hint of coding experience.

OpenAI is launching its own GPT Builder. You’ll be able to build and program your very own GPT just by talking to it.

Basically, if you know how to read and write, you can make a GPT.

In the video below, Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI) shows you exactly how to build a GPT in under 4 minutes.

11 custom GPT ideas

The best GPTs will help people solve real-life problems. Here are 11 ideas that are focused on helping people with online businesses.

1. Conversion Rate Optimizer GPT

What problem does it solve? Increases online sales by optimizing website copy and call-to-action buttons.

How does it work? Users copy and paste their copy, or upload pictures of their landing page. Then, the Conversion Rate Optimizer GPT suggests improvements that will increase conversions.

What data should be used to train it? A/B testing results, conversion rate benchmarks, and effective website copy examples.


2. YouTube Thumbnail GPT

What problem does it solve? It helps YouTubers get more views with visually appealing thumbnails that are optimized for higher click-through rates on YouTube.

How does it work? Content creators upload their video content or concepts, and the GPT generates thumbnail designs that are likely to attract viewers.

What data should be used to train it? Go on YouTube and screenshot all the best thumbnails you can find. Feed hundreds of them to your GPT. Now, your GPT will be highly trained to create thumbnails that are proven to get attention.


3. Social Media Ad Copywriter GPT

Social Media Ad Copywriter

What problem does it solve? It creates engaging and targeted social media advertisements that resonate with the user’s audience, aiming to boost interaction and conversion rates.

How does it work? Users provide the target demographic information, campaign goals, and any initial ad copy ideas. The GPT then generates multiple ad copy variations tailored to the audience.

What data should be used to train it? Collect your most engaging social media ads and those of other creators that have gone viral. Analyze the underlying trends, and feed this data into your GPT to turn it into a master social ad wordsmith.

4. Online Course Content Developer GPT

What problem does it solve? It streamlines the creation of structured, educational content for online learning, making the process more efficient and less resource-intensive.

How does it work? Course developers input the subject matter and learning objectives. The GPT suggests content outlines, multimedia elements, and interactive activities to enhance learning.

What data should be used to train it? A compilation of educational materials across various subjects, feedback from learners, and effective teaching strategies should be included in the training data.


5. Dropshipping Product Selector GPT

What problem does it solve? It helps dropshipping entrepreneurs by identifying potential best-selling products based on market data and trends.

How does it work? Users enter market segments of interest, and the GPT analyzes current market data to recommend products with high sales potential.

What data should be used to train it? Scour the internet for hot dropshipping items and successful case studies. Look at Amazon’s Movers and ShakersTikTok Shop, and other online stores. Combine this with market analysis reports and consumer behavior data to create a product selection monster.  


6. Digital Product Idea Generator GPT

What problem does it solve? It generates innovative digital product ideas by analyzing current market trends and consumer demands.

How does it work? Users input details about their niche, and the GPT proposes digital product ideas that will sell well with the user’s audience.

What data should be used to train it? Mine data on current digital trends and top-selling digital products. Train your GPT with this goldmine to transform it into an endless fountain of digital product ideas


7. Email Marketing Personalization GPT

What problem does it solve? It enhances the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns through tailored content, leading to better engagement metrics.

How does it work? Marketers input their email lists and segmentation data. The GPT customizes the content for each segment to maximize relevance and engagement.

What data should be used to train it? Diverse datasets of email campaigns, performance metrics, and audience segmentation data should be used for training.


8. Product Description Enhancer GPT

What problem does it solve? It optimizes product descriptions for e-commerce platforms to improve search engine rankings and conversion rates.

How does it work? E-commerce professionals upload details about their product or their current product descriptions, and the GPT rewrites them to be more compelling and SEO-friendly.

What data should be used to train it? Pull high-conversion product descriptions and glowing customer reviews from leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon.


9. Cart Abandonment Email Sequencer GPT

What problem does it solve? It reduces lost sales by creating effective email sequences to entice customers to complete their abandoned purchases.

How does it work? E-commerce managers input the frequency and content of their current email sequences. The GPT then suggests improvements or entirely new sequences.

What data should be used to train it? Find 100 of the most successful online products. Go to the product’s website, add the product to your cart, and enter your email address. Do not purchase the product. Now, you’ll receive 100 abandoned cart sequences in your inbox that you can use to train your GPT.


10. Upsell Sequence Creator GPT

What problem does it solve? It increases average order value by crafting strategic upsell communications that encourage customers to purchase additional products or services.

How does it work? Sales teams input their current upsell strategies and customer purchase data. The GPT then generates tailored upsell sequence suggestions.

What data should be used to train it? Capture a library of successful upsell communications and analyze the data behind their success. Use this information to train your GPT, turning it into an upselling genius.


11. Subject Line Generator GPT

Subject Line Generator GPT

What problem does it solve? It improves email marketing efforts by crafting subject lines that are more likely to be opened, thereby increasing the success of email campaigns.

How does it work? Marketers provide the body of their email or the key message, and the GPT suggests subject lines designed to maximize open rates.

What data should be used to train it? Harvest a collection of the most compelling email subject lines with sky-high open rates. Saturate your GPT with these examples, and you’ll have a machine that consistently spits out compelling subject lines.

The key ingredient to building a successful GPT

To build a highly tuned GPT that solves a specific problem, it needs to be trained with highly specialized data.

Think about it. A social media manager who has access to the analytics of many successful pages will have the perfect data to create a GPT that creates social media posts.

That means the more data you have, the more useful your GPT will be.

Your mission is to collect as much specialized data as you can.

That’s how you will make a GPT that is successful on the OpenAI store.

I want to learn more about GPT capabilities

The GPT announcement came together with the introduction of a whole new range of exciting features.

This article is barely even scratching the surface of what is possible with GPTs. With the new ChatGPT features, you can build solutions that weren’t even imaginable this time last year.

If you haven’t seen the OpenAI DevDay announcements, I’d recommend taking the time to watch the video below.

I want to learn more about ChatGPT and AI

As people increasingly incorporate ChatGPT into their lives, it becomes more and more important that we learn how to use these tools to stay competitive in life and business.

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